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Ecommerce Trends
31-05--2013, 12:43 PM
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Ecommerce Trends
Keep yourselves updated on the general happenings of the ecoomerce
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31-05--2013, 01:14 PM
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RE: Ecommerce Trends
e-commerce in India is worth $14 Billion by 2012. There are some interesting facts and trends about e-commerce.

People are moving from e-commerce to m-commerce now. The trend is moving towards mobile side.

Globally, the share of mobile Internet traffic is approximately 13%. However, in India, the % curves for desktop internet .v. mobile internet usageintersected in May 2012 and have since diverged: mobile Internet traffic in India now outweighs desktop traffic. Assuming this trend continues, and is perhaps accelerated by the emergence of increasingly affordable in mid-low end smartphones (with even Apple rumoured to be entering this market), India will be the first true-mobile-first market. Indian e-commerce firms prepared to invest in creating world-class mobile platforms are best-positioned to capture more market share.

Social becoming more about Online Reputation Management (ORM) and less about catching attention

E-commerce adopted the use of social media early on, but for a long time social media has been about eyeballs, offers and other ways of grabbing the attention of potential customers. The thinking was that wherever the customer is, your brand should also be. Simple. Well, not really. Your brand’s online reputation management must be characterized by the existence of one seamless ‘voice’ across all channels: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and so on. Customers in 2013 will more and more value brands that stand for something, or are differentiated in ways other than low prices and wide product ranges. We have seen just how important this mix is with our recent focus on Apple products. Customers are buying MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones from us directly from social media engagement that is not limited to offers and features. Our ORM across our social media platforms has been a focus of ours of late, and companies more and more will understand the value of this in 2013.

Bridging Thee-Commerce Product ExperienceGap

The essence of e-commerce still means that customers must feel a certain degree of comfort that what they are buying will fit them / look good on them / look right in their living room etc., and clearly many Indian shoppers still have major concern over this (despite generous returns policies).

In 2013, we expect to see some interesting initiatives in India to bridge the information gap between what the consumer wants and what the product is. In fashion and lifestyle this may include innovations that leverage technology to help a consumer to find an item of clothing that is a perfect fit via a ‘virtual try-on’ experience, or perhaps how an item of furniture will look in your own living room.

So what else you say about e-commerce in India?
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