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Digital marketing’s key component that one should incorporate in their routine practi
31-05--2013, 02:35 PM
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Digital marketing’s key component that one should incorporate in their routine practi
Digital marketing’s key component that one should incorporate in their routine practice

[Image: ecae1b4c0bee5_importanceofdigitalmarketi....999xx.jpg]

Digital marketing, or the process of promoting goods and services through electronic devices, has been around for quite some time with several firms using channels such as the television and radio to further enhance their marketing efforts. However, in the recent past, with the advent and popularity of the internet, the digital marketing landscape has shifted considerably. Now a days firms are turning towards the devices such as smart phones and tablets to reach out to new audience. Marketing through these devices does not only represent a lower cost for firms, but a firm can also expand its marketing efforts to millions of people in a single campaign due to the vast use of these devices. Businesses who use such techniques for marketing are held in higher esteem by consumers compared to those firms that that are orthodox in nature.

These constantly changing nature of digital marketing has put lots of firms in jizzy as as they struggle to keep up the pace. Hence, although digital marketing provides firms with an invaluable channel to promote their offerings through, success is not all that simple to achieve. To explore the full potential of of digital marketing firms must include some of the key components in routine practice.


[Image: 16629018-abstract-word-cloud-for-keyword...-terms.jpg]
In normal practice most of the firms around globe is sharing other people’s voice. But these days if firms wish to prosper and effectively make use of digital marketing, they have to ensure that they provide users with original stuff. Trending keywords not only determine a website’s ranking, but they also go a long way in determining the quality of content. However, it is not enough to use keywords. Rather, it is important that firms own these keywords and are the first ones to use them.

Relevant Content

[Image: content-is-the-key.png]

In today’s marketing world, relevancy is the name of the game and firms that provide their consumers with quality and relevant content are the ones that are most likely to generate the highest amount of traffic. Being relevant means providing users with content that is in line with what the firm is offering and gives readers something that adds value to their lives.

Context is Key

[Image: ContextInCS.jpg]

While content is obviously important, what is more important is the context it is provided in. Using the most innovative channels and tools for advertising may attract traffic, but at the end of the day consumers demand value. Therefore, the matter in the advertisement is the decider. More often than not, the most successful tool bars and display advertisements deliver content within the context of a website.

Social Media

[Image: social-media-marketing2.jpg]

These days, no matter how reluctant they are, digital marketers simply cannot afford to leave out social media networks as a part of their overall digital marketing strategy. The significance of social media networks can be ascertained from the fact that almost 98% of all 18 to 24 year olds use social media networks in one way or the other. By creating a page on Facebook or Twitter, firms have the option of interacting directly with its target market and receive valuable feedback.
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