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Key ecommerce activities that should be followed everyday
31-05--2013, 03:02 PM
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Key ecommerce activities that should be followed everyday
Key ecommerce activities that should be followed everyday

Doing business online has become easier than ever due to DIYE platform where you do not need to worry about technology. Your only focus will be doing business as technology part is taken care of by itself. But to grow a business in highly competitive market becomes the toughest challenge to surpass and to keep with the competition owners frequently look for something new to help their business grow.

But while looking for new tools to sustain owners should also look for certain regular activities that should be followed everyday to help grow your business. Few of such activities are discussed below which we think can help all the owners to grow their business on regular basis.

Selecting New Products

A key to the success of new products includes trends, price, quality — for the right target audience. Too many ecommerce businesses invest in new products without aligning them to their customers.

When purchasing a new product line, be sure that your customers will buy it. If they are value focused, is it a good strategy to add a high-end product? It may work, but more often than not, you’ll end up selling it on clearance.

Merchandising New Products

Now that you have invested in new products you are sure your customers will buy, it’s time to sell them. Be sure to write good product descriptions and use compelling photos. Feature your new products prominently on your website. Promote the new items in your newsletter, on your home page, and on Facebook or Pinterest.

Review your sales history and search for customers who have purchased similar items. Send them an email, stating you have a new product they may interest them.

This is basic selling. But all too frequently, new products get buried at the bottom of a new or existing product category.

Customer Service

Why did we do this? It’s basic customer service. Think about your own experience as a consumer, when you experienced problems with an order. You likely wanted it fixed and did not want to discuss it, or argue. When the supplier corrected the mistake, you likely were inclined to reorder. If the supplier disputed your claim, you likely moved on to a new source.

Monitor Your KPIs

In “Which KPI needs a check to measure the success of your eCom business?” we addressed key metrics to focus on, to improve your business. At a minimum, monitor sales, average order value, cost of goods sold, traffic, conversion rates, abandonment rates, and your cash position.
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