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How quality eCommerce website help you increase sales !
31-05--2013, 03:10 PM
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How quality eCommerce website help you increase sales !
How quality eCommerce website help you increase sales !

While it is widely accepted that quality written product descriptions can really transform the e-commerce conversion rates, few webmasters actually use this opportunity to significantly increase their search traffic using unique copy for each different product.

Quality eCommerce copy should convince the visitors of your website that they can count on your company to provide good products and that the products you offer are right for them. Your potential customers can’t see or touch the product they are considering to buy since it’s not physically there in front of them, so you have to anticipate and offer what they’ll need and expect. This is not easily done with words; yet, persuasion and building trust can still be achieved.

As most web users just scan through the pages instead of reading them, eCommerce websites should mainly focus on using a combination of paragraphs and bullets to effectively communicate the key product details & benefits. This is what quality eCommerce copy does – sales more with distinctive and appealing copy writing. Good sales copies not only explain the important details about the offered service or product, but they also show how and why each detail matters to the customers.

Establish trust among the customer

Quality eCommerce copywriting achieves this two ways:

1. Providing flawless copy. You can’t expect your customers to invest time and money into your products if you can’t put the needed time and effort to provide a sales copy with perfect grammar and no spelling mistakes.

2. Always state the obvious. Talk to your eCommerce copywriter to clearly explain every detail about these elements so your terms will always be understandable, even when they aren’t your selling points.

SEO: Power tool to boost sales

Higher rankings are the name of the game. Find a copywriter that will do a quality research of your relevant competitive keywords and work together with him/her to craft unique content for each individual category, brand and product page.

Google is doing its best to convince us in its determination to stop duplicate content on the Internet and original work becomes more and more important, which also affects the eCommerce websites. Every page on your website should be unique and you should also make sure others aren’t stealing your original work.

Keep your eCommerce copy simple and readable

When you write and proofread your copy keep in mind the readers it is intended for and make it easier for them to understand it. Don’t use fancy words to explain the product’s features but keep it simple and readable. Here are few rules to follow:
  • Avoid long sentences
  • Avoid cliché and jargon
  • Keep the writing simple
  • Use active voice

Non-excusable Mistakes

Make sure you avoid following mistakes while writing your eCommerce copy which can diminish your website’s potential:
  • Having no copy on product pages
  • Using inconsistent tone throughout the web page
  • Overstating in order to make the product more desirable
  • Not localizing the copy
  • Get creative and ignore the convention

Incorporating the right eCommerce copywriting strategy can really boost your online retail business, particularly when most such websites ignore the recommendations of the search engines regarding duplicate content. Those who play it right can expect over 50% increase in their search traffic and over 30% higher conversion rates for most e-commerce websites.
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