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SEO Tips & Tricks to skyrocket your website’s ranking.
31-05--2013, 03:31 PM
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SEO Tips & Tricks to skyrocket your website’s ranking.
SEO Tips & Tricks to skyrocket your website’s ranking.

Our encounter with various store owner has taught us that many of our client is facing an issue with how to improve page ranking of their website on different search engines. The biggest challenges that store owners face are one to bring the traffic and second is to find ways to increase conversion rates. The most challenging task for all the owners is to improve the online presence of the website.This is because the Online Marketers & SEO Professionals have to optimize the website in order to achieve better rankings on Search Engines, they must improve the user experience, they have to use all the available channels to promote the Online business.

[Image: seo-tips-tricks.png]

In this article we will list down SEO tips and tricks and online marketing techniques which can be used to to enhance the online presence of any website. The article is divided in different section which will touch upon different part of optimization process.
Webpage Optimization
Research on how people search products which you are selling.
Use unique and targeted Page titles.
check the industry trend before using keywords with plural or singular.
Create your own content for product description rather than using manufacturer’s copy to avoid duplication.
Optimize the pages with targeted keywords and use Keyword Analyzer to check keyword ranks.
Don’t create unnecessary pages and content.
Keep updating the content to avoid duplication as some one might copy content from your site.

Maintain Website’s Structure

Create your site’s sitemap on regular intervals and submit them to various search engines.
Avoid using various tools like Ajax, Flash and Non SEO friendly technologies for important parts of your pages.
URL should not contain session IDs as it may cause duplication of content.
Keep pagination on the category pages seriously and make sure most important/best selling products appear on first page.
Create RSS feed.
Offer better search options to your users like name, brand, price, features, etc.

Design & UX

Use call to action buttons and place them strategically.
Create a neat, clean and professional website.
Use security badges to gain customer’s trust.
Keep the site simple easy to use so that the end customer don’t get confused while surfing through your site.
Use features like “Add to wishlist”, “Newsletter Subscription”, “Click to chat”. “Click to call”, etc. This features can indirectly boost the conversion rates.
Use videos of best selling products.
Make it easy for the customer to checkout which in turn can reduce the abandon cart rate.

Structuring of Links & Link Building

Use SEO friendly URLs with proper keywords for each product and category page.
Make categorization of products carefully and use tree structure.
Link directly from your homepage to your best selling products.
Don’t create multiple landing pages for minor product differences (color, size etc).
Remove all the dangling and broken links.
Use targeted anchor texts by using the keywords that appear on the title of each product/category.
Use text hyperlinks to link between your products and categories.
Build links that point directly to the product landing pages and don’t focus all your link building efforts only on homepage.

Social Commerce

Use power of social media by placing social media buttons on important location of the page.
Use rating and reviews.
Create events and contest to engage the customers.
Imbibe blogs on the site so users can interact with you and within them.
Plan email marketing campaigns and keep in touch with users.
check the feasibility of the affiliate program if you can.
Avoid spammy methods to promote the site.

Must Have features

Choose the domain name wisely. A .com or a country specific TLD can really make the difference.
Host the site on reliable sources.
Make the site mobile friendly.
Use cross sell & up sell to boost the sales.
It is good to have multiple payment options like Credit card, debit card, cash cards, Net banking.
Even though optimizing an eCommerce website is a complicated and challenging task, I believe that the above list can cover the most important parts of the process and they can be a great starting point. Using a BuildaBazaar platform lot of features described above is taken care of by the platform itself.
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